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Time to Play!

The wait is over…sort of.

As of May 29th, 2020, the Pines 1779 SC has been approved by the City of Nacogdoches Parks & Recreation Department to resume activity.  There is an agreed upon standard of care that we will follow with more information to be shared soon.

To begin to prepare, each player will be expected to bring hand sanitizer and use before taking the field for training along with other hygiene principles we have already limited like sharing water bottles.

Perhaps the most significant impression will be that, unless language from the State of Texas changes, our coaches will be wearing masks.  Players are not required to wear masks and it will be at the discretion of the families due to the heavy nature of the activity.  The fact is, our coaches come in close proximity with more players, more often, in the training environment and it is important we mitigate that exposure.

As always, we will follow the State of Texas and City of Nacogdoches approved standards of care whenever possible.  Please begin to have conversations with your child and we can’t wait to see you in June.

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By ModernSports / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on May 30, 2020