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Why are we a Tournament Model Club?

This is a great question and we are happy to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

Heading into our 7th year as a club, this will be the first as a tournament club. With the travel required for leagues in East Texas, it is a significant hardship for our families to plan for rainouts and the reschedules that happen throughout the season. Family obligations are also a heavy draw on our teams and with fewer players on our teams, this hurts our teams’ abilities to compete.

In our tournament model, families only have to plan for one weekend per month for games and as such, the expectations for attendance is high.

We are excited for both the increased attendance and lowered stress on families with this model. Signup for tryouts online today to secure your opportunity to work with the Pines 1779 coaches at tryouts!

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By ModernSports / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on May 30, 2020