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Why US Club Soccer?

We are excited to share that we have decided to align with US Club Soccer for player registrations. There are a couple reasons for this, but perhaps the most important relates to the family’s ability to dual card their child should they want. Here we explain why this might be of interest.

As a tournament model club, there will be weekends that are off in which some families will plan weekend getaways or relax while other families will still want to play games! If a family desires to play additional games in a local league, NYSA is the answer!

Each player can be carded with NYSA, with the addition of paying the NYSA registration fee, that will allow for them to play games locally on the weekends on whichever team players are assigned to by NYSA.

The expectation is that all Pines 1779 players will train twice per week with the Pines 1779 team and either train on off days with their NYSA team or just play games with that team on the weekend.

Pines 1779 tournament play will take precedence over NYSA recreational games, but we will work with NYSA to make sure we reschedule NYSA games on the few weekends we have tournament play.

So, being US Club Soccer allows our families to play only tournaments OR every weekend! More on this will be discussed at our Town Hall Meeting on Friday, May 10 at 630 pm at the Nacogdoches Rec Center.

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By ModernSports / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on May 30, 2020